Specializing in Percebes, Goose-Neck Barnacles. The secret gem of Spanish seafood.

  • Each delicious one is harvested by hand from treacherous wave-battered rock

    Oh Barnacles!

    Barnacles, barnacles, barnacles 

    This blog is all about Barnacles. Will be addressing everything. Cooking, Harvesting , Sustainability etc......  

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    Starboard Star International is the first to offer Goose-neck Barnacles.

     Right here off the Oregon coast. The wave-battered rocky coast is similar to that of Galicia where most Goose-neck barnacles are harvested. We harvest by hand only the freshest top-quality product. 

    We sell anything with a shell. Tells us what you want and we will get it!


    Razor Clams               Dungeness crab 

    Cockle Clams              Red Rock Crab

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    Gaper clams               Oysters

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    Goose-neck Barnacles

    We harvest right here in Newport Goose-neck Barnacles (precebes)  are a seafood delicacy. They are harvested by hand to order only the freshest top quality product.


    Clams clams clams

    We have all types of clams that are available on the Oregon coast. Let us know what you are looking for we will get it. 


    Starboard Star International has set its own standards above all that have been before us.

    O.D.F.W. has set standards and guidelines for all fisheries at a heightened bar level assuring its fishers are accountable to sustainability. 

    Beyond that, SSI. (Starboard Star International) has written a sustainability plan that has surpassed that of the officials. We are not legally allowed to harvest the delicate Gooseneck Barnacles off of any natural coast line habitat, we are only allowed to harvest this beautiful creature off of man made structures which have created its own population of this delicacy. This does in fact make the retrieval of healthy product very difficult.